Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago about Bonding

Having a beautiful smile is easy, especially when you schedule a no obligation consultation with your 60659 Chicago Dentist. Thanks to modern Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago, you can fix that chipped tooth, fill the gap in-between your front teeth lengthen or shorten your teeth, or change the shape all together. Thanks to the wonders of your Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago 60659, you can even replace your silver amalgam with tooth colored fillings.

If you have always wanted to improve your smile, talk to Kramer Kuhn about Dental Bonding in 60659, which is one of the least expensive Cosmetic Dental procedures.

Bonding is just one of the Cosmetic Dentist procedures that can be used to change your tooth color or close the gaps between your teeth. Adhesive dentistry or bonding has been around since 1955 when Dr. Michael Buonocore wrote a paper about acid etching. Of course, since that time, technology has changed, but dental adhesives are still being used today.

When Irwin Smigel, the founder of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics started using bonding to lengthen teeth and close gaps it revolutionized Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago. Dr. Smigel also broadened the entire procedure by contouring the whole mouth instead of using dental crowns.

The composite resin that your Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago uses can be shaped and then polished to match your surrounding teeth. Bonding can also be used to replace silver amalgam fillings or to protect the root of your tooth if you have receding gums.

Dental bonding is easy with little or no preparation required, and unless bonding is being used to fill a cavity, anesthetic is usually not necessary.

If your Chicago 60659 Cosmetic Dentist has determined that you are a good candidate for bonding the shade guide will be used to select the color that best matches your teeth.  After the color has been chosen, your Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago will etch the surface of your tooth in order to roughen it up. After the tooth is coated with a liquid that helps the material adhere, your Chicago Cosmetic Dentist will apply the resin molding it and smoothing it to the ideal shape finally hardening the putty like substance with a laser or ultraviolet light. Once the bonding has hardened, your Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago will shape and trim before polishing. Bonding is a simple Cosmetic Dental procedure that usually takes about an hour to complete.

Be proud of your smile and schedule a no obligation consultation with the best Chicago Cosmetic Dentist, Kramer Kuhn.