Cosmetic Dentistry Chicago is Older than You Think

If you have been ashamed to smile, you are not alone. Billions of people all over the world are afraid to flash their pearly whites because of chipped, discolored, or crooked teeth, but thanks to 60659 Cosmetic Dentistry advancements, you can affordably turn your frown upside down with veneers, composite fillings, and tooth whitening treatments.

For thousands of years societies have done their best to enhance their smile. Those early civilizations resorted to everything from whitening teeth with acid to imbedding gums with seashells. Some cultures even used bone and ivory to make crude dentures.

Latin Americans actually inlaid gemstones directly into their teeth, while those who resided in Mexico made appointments with, “Cosmetic Dentists,” in order to add beauty with semi-precious stones attached to their teeth with crude grooves and notches.

Unlike modern Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago, those who went to ancient dentists were subjected to painful procedures with early dentists using drill like devices that were strong enough to puncture bone. Cosmetic Dentists of the time would drill directly into the teeth before attaching stones such as lapis, jade, quartz, and agate with plant sap adhesives. Incredibly, archeologists have discovered that early Cosmetic Dentists were able to drill directly into the tooth without disturbing the pulp or nerve tissue removing any likelihood of tooth loss, infection, or breakage. According to recent discoveries by archeologists, those early Cosmetic Dentists may have even given patients an anesthetic made with healing and soothing herbal concoctions.

These days’ archeologists are continuing to uncover Cosmetic Dentistry secrets that have been buried in Egypt for centuries. In fact, reconstructive surgery is one of the most advanced techniques that have recently been discovered. The jaw that was unearthed features teeth generously provided by a donor, that were wired to the remaining teeth. The work is quite extensive and extremely well done. Today this procedure would be classified as a bridge.

One of the most spectacular recent discoveries dates back about 6500 years and provides archeologists with concrete evidence that corrective dental practices did indeed exist. The skull that was discovered featured an extremely deep cavity that the dentist filled with wax, most probably beeswax that would have reduced the swelling and pain.

The Mayan Civilization continues to fascinate and has left behind intriguing artifacts proving that cosmetic dentistry does indeed have a history. Much like the rap artists of today, those early Mayans would chip out parts of their front teeth embedding the empty spaces with jewels.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry 60659 continues to evolve and offers a more permanent solution with laser whitening techniques, invisible braces, veneers, implants and inlays, but one cannot help thank those early pioneers for giving today’s dentists something to build from. 

If you have been toying with the idea of Cosmetic Dentistry Chicago, contact Kramer Kuhn Dental Illinois for a no obligation consultation. Your smile will thank you for it.