Dental Implants Can Replace Dentures and Missing Teeth

Dental Implants are certainly not new; in fact, Dental Implants have been discovered in tombs that go back thousands of years. Thanks to those early Cosmetic Dentists, 21st century dental procedures can help you with a new set of pearly whites that are much better than dentures or bridges.

Your dentist can give you natural looking teeth replacing a single tooth or a complete set without resorting to uncomfortable dentures. The next best thing to your natural teeth is dental implants. According to Web MD, they are just as strong and stable as the teeth that you were born with.

Unfortunately, dentures can interfere with talking, eating, speaking, and smiling and can cause bone deterioration, and that is where Dental Implants come in.

Tooth supported bridges have a lifespan of about five to eight years. If properly cared for they can last a decade, but supported dental bridges will eventually need to be replaced. Dental Implants provided by your dentist may need to be adjusted, but can last your entire life.

Dentures are notorious for being uncomfortable, and if you have been avoiding that juicy T-bone steak because of your dentures, talk to your dentist about Dental Implants.

If you have lost your teeth, you will notice that your face may appear sunken and even sad. Dental Implants help to maintain your smile and keep the natural shape of your face.

When you lose your teeth or have them pulled for dentures you are leaving empty spaces, which could lead to health problems including jawbone deterioration. Teeth help to support your jawbone and when lost will cause your jawbone to lose its strength. According to your dentist, Dental Implants will help to stimulate jawbone growth, and prevent bone loss.

As well as discomfort, dentures can be downright embarrassing, especially if you they have become lose while eating, talking, or smiling. Dentures are notorious for slipping and falling out, and with age, will have to replaced, thanks to changes that occur when you get older.

If you are tired of watching what you eat because of your dentures, Dental Implants can help. Unlike removable dentures, you can eat and drink what you want when you want because Dental Implants are permanent.

With Dental Implants, you can kiss tooth decay goodbye, as cavities will not happen with Dental Implants. Of course, you still need to brush twice, floss once a day, and see your dentist regularly, but dental caries no longer occur with Dental Implants.

For more information, schedule an appointment with your dentist who will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for Dental Implants.