Dental Sealants can Prevent Tooth Decay

Although Dental Sealants were developed nearly 50 years ago, your Chicago Dentist will tell you that they didn’t really catch on until the 1970s when the FDA approved Dental Sealants.

Also known as fissure sealants, the preventative treatment uses a plastic type of coating that is painted on to the back of the teeth protecting the grooves and pits where tooth decay is more prominent. Dental Sealants, when applied to the biting surfaces on your teeth can help keep the areas clean that are difficult to reach with brushing and flossing.

Since the 1980’s your Dentist in Chicago has seen a decrease in tooth decay, partly due to improved oral hygiene and Dental Sealants. When your dentist paints Dental Sealants over the top of the fissures and pits on your back teeth, food is prevented from becoming trapped. Any food that is trapped at the back of your tooth will quickly convert to dangerous acids causing plaque and tartar. Brushing and flossing help with your front teeth, but the only way to prevent your back molars from dental caries is to have your dentist apply Dental Sealants.  

Kramer Kuhn Dental may recommend Dental Sealants if you have a history of cavities, deep and retentive fissures and pits, or poor plaque control. If your children have shown early signs of tooth decay, your Chicago Dentist may recommend fissure sealants to help prevent cavities. Other reasons that your dentist may apply Dental Sealants include enamel defects. If you or your kids are being fitted for braces, Dental Sealants may also be applied.  

Your Pediatric Dentist in Chicago may recommend Dental Sealants once the permanent molars have erupted. This will give your children the best tooth decay defense. Applying Dental Sealants does not require anesthetic, tooth structure removal, or drilling. Once the tooth as been cleaned, your dentist will first apply a gel on the chewing surfaces of you or your children’s teeth before washing and drying. After the Dental Sealant is painted on to the tooth, a special laser or light may be used in order to harden the Dental Sealants.

Because Dental Sealants are white or clear, they are usually not visible when you or your children smile.

Dental Sealants can last up to ten years and are usually checked at every Chicago Dentist appointment.

If you would like more information regarding Dental Sealants for you or your family, schedule an appointment with Kramer Kuhn Dental to determine if you or your kids are good candidates for Dental Sealants.