Spring Check List for Your Teeth and Gums

If you have been avoiding the dentist because you didn’t think you could afford it, think again. Not seeing your Dentist in Chicago could make things worse costing you more than you had bargained for.

That little toothache that only bothers you once is a sign that something is wrong. Only your Chicago Dentist can diagnose the problem. If your gums are bleeding after you brush or you floss is covered in blood it is time to schedule a checkup with your Dentist in Chicago.

Your old fillings that you are so proud of could be dangerous. If your tooth colored resin or silver fillings are five, ten, and fifteen or even 20 years old they should be checked for chips and cracks. Make an appointment today with Kramer Kuhn Dental and have Dr. Kramer or Dr. Kuhn check your old fillings for any damage, including tooth decay that has developed under the tooth.

Avoiding checkups with your dentist will make matters worse, especially if you suffer from sensitive teeth. If your teeth are sensitive, you know it. That sweet and sour chicken had its share of acid, which can cause discomfort and pain. If that morning cup of coffee or bowl of ice cream makes you twinge with the thought it is time to schedule an appointment online or make that call.

If you practice good oral hygiene, you still may have to worry about gum disease. More than half of the American population has some degree of gum disease whether it is gingivitis or periodontal disease. Most people have no idea that they have gum disease dismissing that bloody dental floss with the beets you at that morning. Swollen gums and redness below your teeth is a sure sign that you need to schedule an appointment with your Chicago Dentist.

Periodontal disease will not go away on its own. This chronic disease inflames the tissue that supports the bones that hold your teeth and if you do not schedule an appointment with your dentist, you could lose your teeth. Recent research also indicates that gum disease can lead to diabetes, inflammatory diseases, and cardiovascular disease.   

Even if you were not in any pain, it wouldn’t hurt to see your Chicago Dentist to check your old fillings. If you are in pain, or can’t remember the last time you saw your Dentist in Chicago make an appointment with Kramer Kuhn Dental today.