Whiter Brighter Teeth for That Celebrity Smile

These days everyone wants whiter teeth, in fact, according to Colgate, tooth whitening is the number one cosmetic dental procedure on the planet with people spending millions dollars each year on tooth whitening products.

Your local pharmacy is loaded with tooth whitening products that promise to give you a whiter smile. Mouthwashes, toothpastes, gels, whitening strips and even chewing gum is available over the counter, but unfortunately your dentist will tell you that some of those products may actually harm your teeth because of their abrasive qualities.

Tooth bleaching, or tooth whitening is not new. In fact, archaeologists have discovered evidence of tooth whitening that dates back thousands of years. The Ancient Greeks used a mixture of wine vinegar and pumice stone, while the Ancient Roman subjected themselves to human urine to polish and whiten their toothy grin. In the 18th century, barbers offered tooth whitening along with the obligatory shave and a haircut. This method of tooth whitening did work after etching and acid application, but unfortunately, it was so harmful that it destroyed the enamel on the teeth causing tooth decay and even tooth loss.

These days tooth whitening has changed, and thankfully, it’s for the better. Talk to your dentist about in-office tooth whitening that can lighten your teeth up to six shades or more.

Teeth can lose their natural shine and brightness thanks to red wine, tea, coffee, and even certain foods. You can also yellow and stain your teeth if you smoke or use tobacco products. Certain medications can make your teeth dull. Your teeth will also yellow with age.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist who can custom fit you with the revolutionary in office tray whitening treatment that will transform your dull and lifeless smile into a grin that is ready for the red carpet. With custom fitted dental trays, you can whiten your teeth in as little as one visit.

If you would like to love your smile again, schedule an appointment for in office tooth whitening with your dentist in Chicago. It really is that easy to have whiter, brighter teeth.