Your Old Fillings Will Not Last Forever

You may be proud that you have had your resin or silver amalgam fillings for years, but unfortunately, your old fillings could be hiding tooth decay.

Your Dentist in Chicago has seen plenty of patients who have cavities underneath their fillings, and just because you have a filling, it does not mean that the areas of your teeth that are not filled will not become decayed.

Schedule an appointment with your Chicago Dentist who will be able to examine your mouth for tooth decay. Unfortunately, if you have a cracked or chipped filling you are most probably dealing with new dental caries. Recurrent caries could be a sign that something more problematic is going on. Schedule an appointment with your Dentist in Chicago who will be able to diagnosis the situation.

Old amalgam or silver fillings that are stressful and defective are just as harmful to your teeth and gums as newer cavities. Because old amalgam fillings have not been bonded, cracks and leaks may occur over the years. Bacteria could cause weakness to the tooth causing more damage.

You may not notice any symptoms, or pain, but if you have older fillings, your Chicago Dentist recommends that you become proactive in order to determine if tooth decay is present under your fillings.

If you do not deal with your old fillings, you could be asking for trouble as decay could reach the nerve resulting in a root canal or an extraction.

During your checkup, your Dentist in Chicago will thoroughly examine your teeth looking for any visible signs of damage. Kramer Kuhn Dental will probe under your crowns and fillings looking for tooth decay. Your Chicago Dentist may also take x-rays to detect damage that is not visible. If spotted, the treatment for cavities is usually easier and more affordable if left unattended.

Remember, your resign and amalgam fillings will never be as strong as teeth that have not been filled. Dental fillings will rarely last a lifetime and will need to be replaced if signs of decay are present.

Schedule a dental checkup today with your Dentist in Chicago who will be able to determine if your fillings are sound, or if they need to be replaced.