Bad Dentistry Means...

...Bad Grades for Many Children!

"Dentistry has a huge effect on children's grades!" says the Office of the US Surgeon General in its report on children's dental health.

This important report states that more than 51 million school hours are lost each year to dental-related illness.

In fact, dental care is seen as the most prevalent, poorly-met health need among American children. Even more shocking is that about 37 percent of children have not had a dental visit before starting school and in some areas of the country dental disease is the number one cause of absenteeism among elementary school children.

In the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, dentists and school officials noticed that children who saw a dentist on a regular basis took better care of their teeth and gums and had a better attendance rate than those who failed to see a dentist.

Missed classes usually caused children to have poorer grades.

Not only that, but dental problems lowered self-esteem for children and led to problems in eating, speaking and attending to learning.

When cavities and gingivitis are not found early and treated, they can develop into more severe problems and cause unnecessary suffering for children. Fortunately, in most cases, oral problems are avoidable. To keep your children on track with their grades, make sure you include taking them to Kramer Kuhn Dental on a regular basis.

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